the most evocative essence of design

Details, spaces and fragrances represent an unforgettable experience that is worth repeating over and over again. This is the spirit that gave birth to Essenze, the new fragrance diffuser -launched by Besenzoni- which is able to create an evocative fragranced atmosphere.


Essenze is an elegant and functional item for interior decoration. Initially designed specifically for yachts, it is also ideal for your home and office. Available in both table-top and recessed versions.


tower diffuser

Table-top version. Its design makes it the perfect item even for the most exclusive rooms. Produced from marine grade materials it can be upholstered in black, brown and tobacco leather or powder coated in black, bronze, red and titanium finishes to adapt to any style, from modernist to classical.

sub diffuser

Sub diffuser. A recessed version with hidden wires, for a discreet presence. The underlying body is ideally safely stowed and out of sight or hindrance, leaving clear surfaces to your room or onboard your yacht. .

find out
the frangrances

Close your eyes. Immerse yourself in the evocative fragrances of Essenze.

A combination of essential oils has been used to create three collections of carefully selected and sophisticated fragrances, each comprising four different scents, perfect at any time of the day.


spicy aromas

Four warm and enveloping fragrances

which recall the atmosphere of the Orient,

mixing scents of cedar wood, vanilla and patchouli.


a sea breeze

For those who love fresh and energetic fragrances: 

the citrus notes of lime, bergamot and mandarin perfectly match 

the essences of lavender, melon and cyclamen.


and aromatic

A perfect mix combining fruity aromas, hints of ginger, 

the freshness of bergamot 

and the floral essences of lavender, iris e lilac.


Make each of your rooms safe and reassuring

Sanitizing is a specific line of sanitising products,

available in different scents: Sanilavander, 

Sanibalsamic and Sanifresh.

Essenze Besenzoni
the smartphone App

Design and atmosphere meet technology. Essenze diffusers can be easily set and programmed through the specific app ESSENZE BESENZONI, connected to the device via Bluetooth.

The diffuser can be programmed and controlled through the Essenze Besenzoni smartphone App via Bluetooth. The App is available on iOs and Android devices. Just a few simple steps will enable you to link the application to the diffuser and select the intensity of the aroma as well as giving you the option to set the times for switching it on and off.
There is also a switch so that you can turn the diffuser on and off manually. Once switched on, the device will run the programme you have selected with the App.


This app is available for iOs and Android devices.

the frangrances
of the month


A real sensory experience through the warm, intense notes of amber and sandalwood, softened by the aroma of vanilla and violet.

Vanilla, amber, violet, cedar, sandalwood.


Indulge yourself with the aromatic essential oils of vetiver and white musk, softened by hints of vanilla, cinnamon and tonka bean.

Vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, labdanum, white moss, amber, fava, tonka, cinnamon.


Energising like a wave breaking against the rocks, this essential oil combines the notes of jasmine, amber and white musk with the fruity, fresh scent of bergamot. Scents Marine accord, jasmine, fava, tonka, galbanum, amber, labdanum, white musk, bergamot, fruity notes.


Fresh and aromatic. The invigorating scent of eucalyptus oil, emphasized by notes of pine and cedar wood, perfectly matches the fragrance of thyme and lavender. Scents Eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, mint, cedar, pine