tower diffuser aluminium titanium

Perfume as a work of art

Tower is the table-top version of Essenze diffuser. It is characterised by an essential, elegant design, available in different colours and finishes.

Leather finish

Aluminum finish



your style

You can easily customise Tower Diffuser. It is possible to select a specific material, colour and essence, alternating the different fragrances available. Wooden, Floral and Marine will accompany you at anytime of the day with a different fragrance, turning every single moment into an original and unforgettable experience.

The line of sanitising products is also available: three essences with a strong balsamic scent.

Finishes and colours

Tower Diffuser is available in different finishes and colours, adaptable in every style context. Leather finishes, in brown or in black, more elegant and refined, and aluminium ones, for modern and essential design black ,red, bronze and titanium

Design and functions

Tower diffuser is much more than just a fragrance diffuser. It is a design item which gives a touch of class to any setting, from home to office as well as the yacht. Thanks to its modern and essential lines,
it adapts to any style, representing a functional and elegant design item.

For medium

Tower Diffuser is perfect for perfuming medium-sized rooms, from 50 to 100 m3. The 100 ml bottle can keep your room scented for about 12 weeks.

and voltage

Tower Diffuser has a diameter of 150 mm in the upper part and a diameter of 100 mm in the central body, for a total height of 185 mm.

It weighs around 1.3 kg. The power cord is 1.5 mt long.
Voltage: 12 Vdc
(optional adapter 24/12 dc/dc; power adapter 100/240 Vac 50/60 Hz 0.6A)



The refill for Sub Diffuser consists of a transparent PET container, with a cylindrical section of 45.5mm in diameter. Its central part is 77 mm high. The refill contains 100 ml of essential oil.

and silent

Tower diffuser has a power of 1.1 Watt and a noise level below 48dB(A), so it represents a near-silent solution. It won’t disturb your relaxing times.

Actually, its intense and evocative fragrances will let you fully enjoy every single moment.


and dealers

With the Customer Service Division, Besenzoni places at the disposal of boat or home owners a valuable reference point in every part of the world. We have over 160 customer service units, each with carefully selected technicians, trained by the company itself and duly qualified with specific certification. Expert staff, with excellent knowledge of product characteristics, who know how to deal with the most common problems and the trickiest ones, enacting appropriate intervention strategies. This is why choosing a Besenzoni product means having a surefire guarantee of top-quality customer service throughout the product’s life cycle, even after the expiry of the warranty.

the frangrances
of the month


A perfect mix combining fruity aromas, hints of ginger, the freshness of bergamot and the floral essences of lavender, iris e lilac.

Sweet and fresh like the first days of spring. Enjoy inhaling the enveloping notes of bergamot and jasmine, with hints of pear, rose and lemon.


A rich and distinctive fragrance, combining the aromatic essential oils of lavender, cyclamen and gardenia with the citrus notes of mandarin and lemon.

Mandarin, jasmine, marine accord, lavander, lemon, melon, cyclamen, gardenia.


A delight for your senses. The sparkling, citrus notes of mandarin and litsea cubeba perfectly match the warm aroma of cinnamon and cloves.

Mandarin, fava, tonka, cinnamon, litsea cubeba, cloves.


Dynamic and energetic. An intense, enveloping and fresh fragrance of citrus fruits, with particular floral notes of iris, patchouli and cedar wood. Scents
Bergamot, lemon, orange, bitter orange, iris, patchouli, cedar.